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The Task Force Report: A Lose/Lose Proposition for American Anthropology

The debate on the academic boycott is raging. See David Rosen's comment on the report submitted by the Task Force on Israel Palestine appointed by the American Anthropological Association

Anthropologists for Dialogue on Israel/Palestine

By: David Rosen, Professor of Anthropology and Law at Becton College

I am one of many anthropologists who oppose both the Israeli occupation of territories conquered by Israel in 1967 and the BDS boycott of Israel. While I usually teach at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a small university in New Jersey, this year I am a research fellow at the Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. About a week ago, I went with my wife and a close friend who is one of the leaders of Machsom Watch – an organization of  Israeli women who monitor the conduct of soldiers and policemen at  checkpoints between Israel and Palestine — to a concert at the 19th century Austrian Hospice in the Old City of Jerusalem. The concert was sponsored by the Representative of the Czech Republic in Ramallah.

As we sat down and began to listen…

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